Baccarat Pro

Baccarat Pro from NetEnt

The game of baccarat can be traced back some six hundred years, first recorded during the reign of Charles VIII of France. The basic game of baccarat is so popular in amongst South American, European and mobile casino players today still because baccarat is the simplest casino table game to learn and play. High rollers and experts alike are drawn to the game because of the relatively low house advantage and a fascinating set of rules and gambling possibilities.

Baccarat, and in this case Baccarat Pro, is enjoying a fresh wave of popularity with online casino players. With the trend towards mobile, players appreciate an action packed gambling adventure that is available for enjoyment with such ease, and endowed with such quality as one finds at NetEnt’s collection of ‘Professional Series’ casino games.

Playing Baccarat Pro

Baccarat Pro follows fairly standard baccarat rules in that each deal starts with a bet. Using the 1, 5 and 10 value chips, players can bet from 1 to 100 chips per hand. The game is played with a large shoe, packed with eight decks. A game of NetEnt’s Baccarat Pro has three winning options; the player wins, the banker wins, or there is a tie. The ‘banker’ in Baccarat Pro does not mean the ‘house’ as it does in more traditional card games, because players now have the option of being able to bet on either their own hand or on the bankers’ hand, or even on a tie occurring.

The real objective of Baccarat Pro is to correctly guess which of the three possible outcomes will come up in the next round. Winning bets on the player pay at 2:1 odds, while winning bets on the banker pay the same less a five percent commission charge. Ties pay out at 9:1.  If one wagers on the player in baccarat, the house edge is 1.36%, and if one gambles on the banker, the house advantage is 1.17%.  The advantage to the house in the event of a tie is 14.4%. If nobody bet on the tie, it is a push, and no money changes hands.

Characteristics of the Game

Baccarat Pro is a simple, yet fast and absorbing card casino game that lends itself to the feature-rich and gripping online and mobile casino environment. At the same time, and due to their being a complete gaming systems provider, NetEnt ensures over 200 top-of-their-range games as well as a respected Back Office. Their games, and Baccarat Pro is certainly included in this, are renowned in the industry for great entertainment value, innovative gameplay, fair gaming odds and high grade security.

Baccarat Pro Advantages

Baccarat Pro has the beneficial aspect in that the game can be configured to work as is required. Using the chip size, players can configure their play to be either low roller, standard or high roller, simply by adjusting chip values and bet size.

There is a great deal to be appreciated when playing Baccarat Pro. NetEnt’s continued commitment to the industry, and successful casino offers players the opportunity to enjoy baccarat in a live casino setting.