FA Cup Final

The FA Cup Final

The FA Cup Final is the final match between the top two teams of the FA Challenge Cup. The FA Challenge Cup is the main tournament of domestic soccer teams in the United Kingdom and is one the most followed soccer tournaments in the world. The final match is traditionally held at the Wembley Stadium in London so as not to afford any team a home ground advantage.

The FA Cup final was first held in 1874 and is one of the oldest soccer matches in the world. It remains one of the most televised and wagered on games worldwide.

Types Of FA Cup Final Bets

Being a single match between two teams, there are fewer types of bets that can be placed on the FA Cup Final than on the entire FA Cup Challenge. The main bet is obviously which team will win the game, and thus the entire FA Cup Challenge. That particular bet is called To Lift The Trophy bet. This being said there are a number of smaller bets which can be placed on the game.

Prop bets is short for proposition bets. These are bets which are slightly out of the norm, and may involve pretty much anything that the bookie can think up. Prop bets can include anything from whether your favourite player will score a goal, to whether it will rain during the match.

Over Under bets are based on the predicted outcome of the game. Bookies will predict a score for each team, and you have to bet on whether the total score of each team combined will be either under or over what the bookie has predicted.

Know Your Teams

The best way to place a successful mobile soccer betting wager on the FA Cup Final is to know the teams which are taking part. Not every team is equal, and there is a strong history when it comes to winning teams in the tournament. Historically there are five teams which have won the trophy again and again. Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool are always favourites throughout the tournament.

Of course there are outsiders who occasionally upset the apple cart, but most of the time the top of the log teams can be relied on to take home the trophy. When placing your bets on the winner of the FA Cup Final it is always a good idea to get to know the teams. Outcomes can be influenced by injury to players, coaches, or even the team’s current mood. Knowing the teams and what influences are currently affecting them is a good start to a successful wager.

Tips And Tricks

As with any sports betting there is no sure fire recipe to placing a successful wager. Anything can influence the game, such as weather or pitch condition. Do some research on the state of the stadium and the forecasted weather for the day of the match. Know which teams plays better in what weather, and if there are any injuries for either side.

Don’t just accept tips from anyone. Check out the history of each tipster to see how successful they have been in the past.

Finally is you wish to place a successful wager, don’t just bet on your favourite team. The FA Cup Final is an emotive game, with punters having clear favourite teams and defending them to the ends of the earth. For a successful wager you need to be unbiased.