Launceston Race Track

Launceston is a smallish horse-racing track in Tasmania. It does not hold any Group one races but it does have a Spring Carnival in which some group races are held. Launceston is best known for its night time racing which is held once a fortnight. The biggest Tasmanian races at Launceston are the Launceston Cup and the Sovereign Stakes.

Betting at Launceston

Despite the track being small, and not holding any particularly large or well-known races, there are a number of ways to place a bet at Launceston. The first is by going to the actual track itself. This is favoured as an outing, often by couples or even entire families. There are a number of bookies based at Launceston who are open on race days, and offer various odds on various horses. Not every bookie will have the same odds, so it worth your while to walk around and check what is on offer. Other attractions at the actual track are various kinds of food and entertainment such as bars.

These days most punters place their bets online. This has numerous advantages, including not having to brave the queues or the weather on race day.

Online betting is offered for Launceston from a number of sites, some of which are well known. To access the top horse racing betting sites and place a bet you will need either a computer or a mobile device, and access to the Internet. A good connection is recommended especially when you are doing live betting, which is placing bets just before or during a race.

Horses At Launceston

The horses that run at Launceston are not the top horses in Australia or New Zealand. These horses usually go to tracks in New Zealand and Australia. The Launceston Cup which is the biggest race held at the track is usually entered by local horses of the staying type as the race is over 2400 meters and is classed as a Group Three race. The other major race in Tasmania, the Hobart Cup is the lead up to the Launceston Cup, creating an opportunity for a horse to win a double, being both races in one year.

Placing a bet on a horse at Launceston is a bit of a hit and miss process, as the favourite is decided by the bookies mostly. The horses which enter the race have not had lots of international experience, and although could be well bred are not in the same league as the horses on the mainland. That being said, one horse that came fourth in 2013 did go on to win the Adelaide Cup, much to the delight of everyone at Launceston.

Breeding and previous race results will play a part in choosing which horse to back at this track. At the most recent Launceston Cup the favourite came in seventh and the second favourite fourth. The winning horse was not too far down in the odds list, but for a little perspective the last horse had odds only slightly higher than the winner.