Myth Video Slots

Following in the footsteps of movies like Gladiator and TV Series like Spartacus, Myth Video Slots is all about the Greco-Roman mythology of ancient Greece. The graphics, sound effects and play style all contribute towards the look and feel of the game’s mythological style and does a fairly good job of creating the right atmosphere.

Myth is a slots game that houses 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The reels are encased in a large pantheon like structure, reminiscent of old Greek architecture, while the rolling symbols on the reels are made up of the legendary mythic creatures and gods of ancient Greece.

The Reels and Music

You can expect to see well known storybook creatures such as Medusa and the Cyclops, supported by lesser known creatures of the time such as harpies, Minotaur’s and Cerberus – the 3 headed guard dog. The Music itself is somewhat eerie and encompasses a mythical tone to it which works well with its graphical surroundings and fabled tone.

A Simple Game about a Simple Time

There are many online slots games that go out of their way to offer as much colour, vibrance and gameplay features as possible. Myth Video Slots is not one of these, instead focusing on providing a simple experience that works well.

Simply boot up the game, set your bet levels, decide on how many lines you wish to make your bets, choose the amount of credits you are willing to wager and hit the “Spin” button. It’s that simple.

Wild Symbols and Golden Trophies

The game does come with a wild symbol, which is easily seen as the Spartan Warrior with the golden shield. He is good luck in the game and can be the reason you get higher pay-outs in certain circumstances. If he is a part of a winning pay line, he instantly doubles the winning amount. Should you have 5 of the golden shielded Spartan warrior appear on one pay line, you instantly win 5,000 credits.

On the other hand, the golden trophy acts as the Myth’s scatter symbol. Should you be lucky enough to have three, four or five of these scatter symbols show up, you can win 15 free spins that incorporates a 3 times multiplier into the winnings. Again the Spartan Warrior can add to your luck by turning that 3 times multiplier into a 6 times multiplier if he shows up on a winning line during the 15 free spins bonus game.

Collect or Double

Anytime you win anything in Myth Video Slots, you have the option to collect those winnings right away and continue playing, or to try and double (or even quadruple) your winnings. This feature functions in the way of playing cards turned over so their face side is down. If you choose to double your winnings, you can guess whether the card is red or black. If you decide to try your luck quadrupling your winnings, you can choose which suit the card has. If you are right, your winning are multiplied accordingly.

Myth Slots is a simple, easy to play and easy to understand game that would provide hours of fun for both new players and veteran players alike.